Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Until Next March 17th........Deep Breath, everyone!!

Though we had a great time on March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, and all the musical-filled days prior to that, we are OK with having a few days to catch up on our rest!! As we are all so fond of saying, Real Musicians Have Day Jobs.....and we all had to go to work on Tuesday after being at the Casino until almost 10pm!! But we really had a great time, and want to say thanks to a few people for helping us make it through the weekend:
-Frank and everyone at the Fox & Goose, we love you!!
-Janet and Phyllis at the Vallejo Yacht Club...we're checking our calendar for next year!!
-Thanks again to Laurie DesJardins and the gang at KVMR-FM radio....we'll be crowing about that for a long time!! We'll see you all in September, one way or another!!
-Kyle and the whole crew at the Long Way Home Saloon - your enthusiasm puts us all to shame!! We'll be back to visit as soon as we can make it out to Willows!!
-Don Dibono at Entertainment Services, and Pete Adams at Colusa Casino Resort - thanks for the opportunity, and we're ready for more music whenever you want us!! Everyone was so nice to us at Jacks Lounge....Bo even made a bit of a profit on his blackjack investment!! Let's do it again sometime soon!!

We'll be back at the Fox & Goose for our monthly Irish session on March 25th, so we get a few days to catch our breath after such a wonderful weekend!!
Love ya!!

Linda, Chris, Kathy and Bo

Sunday, March 16, 2008

N8i on KVMR Radio, and on TV!!

Here's the latest in our world:

We successfully made the trip up to Nevada City to the KVMR studio, where we joined Laurie DesJardin for a bit of chat, a few tunes, and some promo. We got a recording of the segment, and will post it as soon as we can!! 

We were at the Fox & Goose on Friday night, where a great time was had by all! We played a few tunes, we were on TV, we made some new fans, sold a few CDs - WAIT, did I say we were on TV??!! Yes I did. Turns out the local news, KCRA-Channel 3, was there doing a live broadcast, and had a bunch of revelers with Nine-8ths Irish rockin' and reelin' in the background!! We hope to get a video record of it, perhaps our first YouTube video, but for now, it's exciting to just talk about it and be able to say we were on TV!! So we had a few beers, a few shots, even a car bomb was imbibed, but no one was hurt in the making of the evening, and we're hoping that those who took us home with them did not regret it in the morning! ;-)

Saturday night, we traveled down to Vallejo California, where we were the entertainment for the night at the Vallejo Yacht Club!! This was our second year in a row enjoying their hospitality, and a great corned beef and cabbage meal to go with the beautiful view! Barring a minor vehicle mishap, it was a great evening, and we've already been asked back for next year!

Tomorrow, Monday, St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, we'll be hopping in the trusty Ford Escape Hybrid to travel to Willows California, then over to Colusa Casino Resort, where we'll end up our SPD weekend, then it's back to work on Tuesday!!

More to come later.......